Eye Fillers

Thinking About Eye Fillers

If you are a female (like me) and over 40 years of age, you may notice when you are putting on your makeup that your skin is looser around the eyes.  This can make you look older, and when make-up is put on the eye lids you can draw attention to it.  We recommend eye fillers to give you a naturally younger appearance, your make-up will sit better on your face and you will feel more confident on a daily basis.  It is worthwhile saying that many men get eye fillers as guess what – they suffer from the same ageing process!

eye-fillers-nose-and-cheekEye Laughter Lines

Another area that can highlight fine lines (wrinkles) is at the sides of your eyes.  Most people call them laughter lines as our eyes crease up when we laugh and over time this makes the skin sag.  The trick is to make sure you don’t overdo it if you decide to get eye fillers in this area.  What you don’t want is to have a face that looks frozen like a wax manequin.

Some common phrases you may hear are;

  • Crows Feet – Lines at the side of your eyes
  • Bunny Nose – lines at the side of your nose
  • Forehead Lines – Worry lines, stressful lives can cause quite bad forehead lines.
  • Tear Troughs – Deformity of excess fatty tissue under the eye area – making you look tired and unwell.

Our Recommendation

There is a network of Aesthetic Practices throughout the United Kingdom that has various treatments for the eye area.  It could be eye bag fillers, if you are interested in Eye Fillers, you should ask them for a consultation.  Ask if it’s a free consultation, or if you need to pay.  Different clinics offer different incentives to get you through the door. If they do show you pictures ask if its of actual patients, some people will buy images online and then try to pass them off as their work.