Nose Fillers

nose-fillersNon-Surgical Nose Job

Until recently if your nose was uneven you would save up to get a nose job, however we are delighted to share with you that you should consider dermal fillers for this.  It will save you literally thousands of pounds and the results are fantastic. You will need to get the filler repeated several times a year, but OMG its worth it.  There is no downtime, no bruising, no surgery, no needles – we don’t need to go on…..

Nose Fillers are probably a treatment that many people get but don’t talk about or share with others for fear of judgement.  An injectable filler like Juvederm (brand) is used and your Practitioner will have discussed with you at length which parts of your nose is causing the concern.  Nose Fillers are ideal for people who don’t want to be in hospital for a period of time, the bruising is horrific and its really obvious you have had a nose job.  Whereas with nose fillers the results are far more discreet, in fact, it would be a surprise if anyone commented.

Trusted Aesthetic Nose Fillers Practice

We recommend an Aesthetic company that have practices / clinics throughout the UK.  They are very good, friendly and non-judgemental.  They will take time to listen to what you want and offer the best advice.  I know from personal experience that if they don’t think something is right, they will tell you.  I wanted fillers in the cheek area, but they advised against it just now (I am 42 yrs old) instead they suggested a few other treatments.

There are many offers online or even products you can buy on ebay for this very job, however we highly recommend you DO NOT DO IT!  Trust only a professional aesthetic practitioner to put anything injectable into your face.  Our appearance should not be taken for granted, but our skin looked after.